2013 : 6 publications

  • J. Gautier, E. Munnier, L. Douziech-Eyrolles, A. Paillard, P. Dubois, I. Chourpa

SERS spectroscopic approach to study doxorubicin complexes with Fe(2+) ions and drug release from SPION-based nanocarriers.
Analyst 2013. 138(24):7354-61. doi: 10.1039/c3an00787a. IF 3,9

  • J. Gautier, E. Allard-Vannier, K. Hervé-Aubert, M. Soucé, I. Chourpa

Design strategies of hybrid metallic nanoparticles for theragnostic applications.
Nanotechnology 2013. 24(43): 432002. doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/24/43/432002. IF 3,7

  • M. Chiper, K. Hervé Aubert, A. Augé, J.F. Fouquenet, M. Soucé, I. Chourpa

Colloidal stability and thermo-responsive properties of iron oxide nanoparticles coated with polymers: advantages of Pluronic® F68-PEG mixture.
Nanotechnology 2013. 24(39): 395605 (11pp). doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/24/39/395605. IF 3,7

  • S. David, H. Marchais, K. Hervé-Aubert, D. Bedin, A.S. Garin, Hoinard C, I. Chourpa

Use of experimental design methodology for the development of new magnetic siRNA nanovectors (MSN).
Int J Pharm. 2013.454(2): 660-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2013.05.051. IF 4,1

  • J. Gautier, E. Allard-Vannier, E. Munnier, M. Soucé, I. Chourpa

Recent advances in theranostic nanocarriers of doxorubicin based on iron oxide and gold nanoparticles.
J Control Release. 2013. 169(1-2): 48-61. doi: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2013.03.018. IF 7,7

  • S. David, C. Passirani, N. Carmoy, M. Morille, M. Mevel, J.P. Benoit, T. Montier, B. Pitard

DNA nanocarriers for systemic administration – characterization and in vivo bioimaging in healthy mice.
Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2013. 2: e64. doi: mtna.2012.56. IF 6,4

2012 : 5 publications
  • E. Allard-Vannier, S. Cohen-Jonathan, J. Gautier, K Hervé-Aubert, E. Munnier, M. Soucé, P. Legras, C. Passirani, I. Chourpa

Pegylated magnetic nanocarriers for doxorubicin delivery: a quantitative determination of stealthiness in vitro and in vivo.
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Langmuir 2012. 28(2):1496-505. doi: 10.1021/la2037845. IF 4,2

  • J. Gautier, E. Munnier, A. Paillard, K. Hervé, L. Douziech-Eyrolles, M. Soucé, P. Dubois, I. Chourpa

A pharmaceutical study of doxorubicin-loaded PEGylated nanoparticles for magnetic drug targeting.
Int J Pharm. 2012. 423(1):16-25. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2011.06.010. IF 3,8

  • J. Fichot, R. Heyd, C. Josserand, I. Chourpa, E. Gombart, J.F. Tranchant, M.L. Saboungi

Patterned surfaces in the drying of films composed of water, polymer, and alcohol.
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Administration-dependent efficacy of ferrociphenol lipid nanocapsules for the treatment of intracranial 9L rat gliosarcoma.
Int. J. Pharm. 2012. 423: 55–62. IF 3,8