E.A. 6295 Nanomedicines and Nanoprobes

As an academic research group, we are heavily involved in our four missions:
  1. academic research,
  2. teaching through research,
  3. support for research, and
  4. interaction with the social, economic, and cultural environment.

Our research group federates complementary skills for developing and studying biocompatible nanoparticles as vectors for anti cancer drugs (nanomedicines - NM) and/or contrast agents for imaging (nanoprobes - NS).

Our research activities are centered around two main themes: theranostics of cancers (diagnosis and therapeutic treatment combined) and dermatology/cosmetics.

Thanks to our pluridisciplinary team we are able to study these novel nano-objects all the way from their synthesis (chemistry) and complete characterisation (physico-chemistry) through to in vitro and in vivo testing (biology).

To aid us in our work, we develop novel bioanalytical and diagnostic approaches based on capillary electrophoresis and spectral imaging in order to establish relationships between physico-chemical properties of the nanoparticles and their biological activities.


Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique
31 avenue Monge
37200 Tours
phone : (33) 2-47-36-71-62
fax :     (33) 2-47-36-72-70
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Composition of our group

2 professors
6 assistant professors (Maîtres de conférence)
8 doctoral students
1 post-doc
3 technicians